School Groups Information

SCHOOL GROUP TOUR                     

We provide guide personnel for the following:

  1. Company Team building
  1. Gold packages
  1. School groups

Cost = N10,000

Benefit for school group

  • Horticulture: Children will be taken on a tour to visit the horticultural site of the Park, to see different plants and flowers available at the garden and also an opportunity to plant.
  • Facility: Children will be taken on tour to see the various facilities at the park such as paintball tower climbing, etc as well as the kit and its purpose.
  • Safety: Children will be taught the importance of safety
  • Fishing: Children will learn how to Fish (schools can come with their fishing rod)
  • Antelope: Children will be able to see the antelope available at the park, and also learn about the animal.

NOTE: Bookings for the guide must be made at least one (1) day in


For more information, contact: +234 906 002 2295